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"A seriously gripping WLW fantasy that delves into the brutal impacts caused by colonialism in a world filled with elves, druids and magic."

Since its inception, the Kingdom of Camoor has been led by warrior Queens who would do anything to keep Camoor on the path towards its destiny, waging wars of conquest to bring civilization to the rest of their continent.

Princess Malia Ausan cares only about two things: her military prowess and her elf girlfriend. The idealistic heir to the throne, she's fiercely protective, competitive, and loyal. But that fierce loyalty will be questioned when the Queen hands down punishment by sending her out on her Expedition years early and in disgrace. Her Expedition takes her through the newly conquered Nadun as they head to the Uncharted Territory the kingdom is at war with. Under the guidance of the Kingdom's cruelest general, Malia learns some hard truths about the Kingdom and her own past.

In the beginning, energy decided to exist. Out popped all the gods, one right after the other; Pario, Fastus, Profectus, Passio, and Mortem. In their great and infinite wisdom they created the six realms with the intention to keep separate all the beings that lived within them, and their angels the only ones blessed with the ability to travel through them.But some several thousand years ago, something managed to kill one of Pario's angels, traveled the different realms, and made a deal with thirteen humans who lusted for power. The birth of the human mages made the realms come crashing together into one big Cataclysm that threatened to destroy the very fabric of reality. Whole civilizations were wiped out in the ensuing catastrophe that ended only once the angels sacrificed nine hundred and ninety-nine of their own as their gods disappeared.

Upcoming Fantasy Release: Phantom Fire

Description To Be Released

Upcoming Poetry Book Release: Quasars & Quinine

Description To Be Released

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