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We're not the only ones trying to change things for the better. Here's a list of resources for authors!


Mizna is a critical platform for contemporary literature, art, film, and cultural programming centering the work of Arab and Southwest Asian and North African artists. For twenty years, we have sought to reflect the depth and multiplicity of our community and have been committed to being a space for Arab, Muslim, and other artists from the region to reclaim our narratives and engage audiences in meaningful and excellent art.

We publish Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab America, the only Arab American lit and art journal in the country; produce the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, the largest and longest running Arab film fest in the Midwest; and offer classes, readings, performances, public art, and community events, having featured over 400 local and global writers, filmmakers, and artists.

Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation established in 1999 by writers and activists Elmaz Abinader, Junot Díaz, Victor Díaz and Diem Jones is a community-based organization that puts writers of color, their narratives, voices, and experiences at the center of all conversations. VONA supports individual writer growth, creates platforms for community engagement rooted in social justice, and provides workshops and mentors focused on expanding writing opportunities.

In 1999, less than 0.2% of writers of color were represented in writing workshops across the country. The mainstream literary establishment was not equipped to read or guide writers of color. VONA provided a forum for the serious study of work by writers of color, creating a platform for conversations and support that could not be found elsewhere.


The Center on Colfax opened in 1976 has grown to become the largest LGBTQ community center in the Rocky Mountain region, giving voice to Colorado's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community and playing a pivotal role in statewide initiatives to reduce harassment and discrimination.


Today we are focused on fulfilling our mission by ensuring that every member of the LGBTQ community has access to the programs and resources they need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Gotham Writers Workshop is the United States's largest adult-education writing school. It was founded in New York City in 1993 by writers Jeff Fligelman and David Grae. It was one of the first schools to offer online education, launching its online creative writing classes in 1997.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that anyone can learn to write better through practice and learning the craft. We demystify the writing process and give our students a safe and structured environment that encourages them to keep writing and keep expanding their ability. It’s not a magic formula, but it’s the best path to becoming a better writer, whether you’re new to this or an old pro.


The Boston Writers of Color (BWoC) group, supported by GrubStreet, is a place for writers of color, and others who support the mission of the group, to connect, network, empower, and share resources with their peers. Our mission is to support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) writers, foster a more representative and inclusive writing community here in Boston, and work toward a more equitable publishing landscape.


The idea for this group came from conversations among writers of color in GrubStreet’s student population as well as staff members, instructors, and writers in the Boston area. All are welcome.

The Center for Fiction is the only nonprofit literary organization in the U.S. solely dedicated to celebrating fiction, and we work every day to connect readers and writers. In February 2019, we opened the doors to our new building in Downtown Brooklyn, creating a home for NYC’s literary community, and in July 2019 we launched this website to reach readers and writers around the globe.

We provide grants and hold workshops to support emerging writers. We host book groups on classic and contemporary fiction to help readers discover their next favorite author. We provide free books and host events for NYC students from K-12th grade to get kids reading, as well as summer writing workshops for budding authors. And we recognize the best in the world of fiction through our annual awards.

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